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Agnes Czako 

Agnes is Co-Founder of AirEx


AirEx is a London-based IoT startup that developed a smart ventilation control which helps reducing fabric heat loss in homes. Prior to founding AirEx, Agnes worked as Lead Assessor of an energy assessment organisation for 5 years, during which time she led the delivery of 30,000 energy audits and fuel poverty assessments in the most vulnerable communities across South-England. This hands-on experience gave her a great insight into a truly challenging but such everyday problem: cold and damp in homes. Securing the first “Innovate UK Energy Game Changer” funding helped Agnes and her colleague to build the first prototypes of AirEx and spin-out the company, which since then attracted significant investment and great commercial interest from corporate partners. She completed a masters programme at the University of Cambridge (Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment) whilst working full-time and she is certified as a Passivhaus Consultant by the Darmstadt Institute. Agnes won multiple medals at the national heptathlon championships (Hungary) and speaks 5 languages.

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