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Chloe Barrett

Founder of Immersify 

Chloe have been a professional dressage rider, winning many competitions and obtaining sponsorships. A dental professional, lecturer and director, now on her second start up, after previously building a dental education company then creating Immersify Education to save costs, time and target all learning domains.


Immersify Education is an advanced way of learning using interactive augmented reality and animation, offering a multi-language system and an intelligent E-learning platform, enhancing, engaging and increasing academic grades. Immersify Educations resources are new, innovative and capture the imagination.

Chloe was one of the five founders chosen to join the Technology Tour in Indian in February 2018 not only presenting the business but also as a keynote speaker and panel representative for interactive and immersive technology in the EdTech and HealthTech industry.

Chloe was also chosen to join a Women in Tech Accelerator in Silicon Valley in July 2018, the 18month programme included spending a month in intensive workshops and pitch events in Silicon Valley San Francisco. The company is a part of the Women's Startup Lab in Silicon Valley and has obtained mentors from the likes of Randy Marsden inventor of Swype and Apples interface. EdTech professors at Stanford and Harvard specialising in the future of educational technology, she has made valuable connections with US customers and investors.

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